A little bit  about me:

  • I work with children and their families of all ages.
  • I have been most fortunate throughout my career as an Occupational Therapist to have worked solely in Paediatrics.
  • I am a dedicated therapist with more than 30 years experience.
  • I have always been interested in developing my knowledge and skills to improve my clinical practice. In addition to participating in great learning opportunities locally and interstate, I have also travelled overseas to England to the Bobath Centre in London to attend an 8 week Neurodevelopmental Training (NDT) and the USA (on 3 separate occasions) to attend DIRFloortime® Training.
  • I am driven by the value and positive contribution Occupational Therapy can have on the lives of families that have children with sensory processing and/or special needs.
  • I cherish seeing children arrive at my therapy room with beaming smiles or their own unique way of greeting others that they relate to.
  • I am pleased that my clients look forward to attending, and when entering my space that they feel well supported and at ease, and within a short space of time the child is ready for the ‘just right challenge’; knowing that if we don’t get it right, that’s okay – we can always change things or have another try.
  • I like seeing children leave therapy regulated and content, and their energy and arousal levels more near that ‘just right zone’ (which they may not have been on arrival).
  • My training, professional and life experiences along with my sensitivity and caring approach enable me to feel at ease and well equipped to assist families to gain a deeper understanding of their child’s unique sensory needs and develop better ways of supporting their child’s emotional well-being, regulation and function.
  • I was born in Broken Hill and spent all my School years there.
  • I moved to Adelaide to study Occupational Therapy after I finished School and since then Adelaide became my home.
  • I am married, have 2 children (now grown up) and a dog.
  • I now live and work in North Adelaide, not far from where I first started living when I was studying at University.


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