I acknowledge there are different ways of providing services and each has their place.

Over the years I have found working ‘in clinic’ with the child and parent has proved most beneficial in addressing the unique needs of the child and family.

Where a child has significant challenges, I feel my therapy room provides a safe and welcoming space where both the child and parent can be with each other in a way that acknowledges and supports their individual needs, fosters an atmosphere conducive to learning and development, and strengthens their relationship through fun and pleasurable interactions. Parents have opportunities to try out strategies knowing they have my support and guidance should things go pear shaped. If things ‘go pear shaped’ in therapy this is not a bad thing as it gives the child and parent an opportunity, within a safe place, to practice ‘rupture and repair’ which will, over time, become an easier process.

There are definite advantages to seeing a child with a Sensory Integrative Disorder ‘in clinic’ and this is preferred. The therapy room and it’s equipment can be engineered by me to provide fun activities that will challenge the child in the specific areas required. By being actively involved in a pleasurable way the child begins to integrate better the sensory information that underpins daily function in his/her occupational roles e.g. as a player, learner and friend. At all times the child’s sensitivities, feelings and confidence are being considered and supported.

My ‘in clinic’ services are provided from my home in North Adelaide. My ‘therapy space’ is separate from my house and is accommodated in a cottage in the back garden – quite a homely feel.




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