This page is dedicated to photos willingly shared by past and current families who feel these photos have captured special and proud moments, and /or achievements in their child’s life. I have had the privilege of knowing and working with each of these children or young people and seeing each of them develop and blossom over time. Each of them has a unique personality and it has been such a pleasure to to be part of their journeys;  to be there to celebrate with them those really special times when things have come together for them and to hear through the parents and families of the special moments that have happened at home, kindy, school and/or in the community and which they are feeling so very proud of.

The smiles and the pride that exudes in these photos of these children and young people, speaks volumes to me and I thank wholeheartedly the families that felt able to share these photos on this page.

Below are just some of the truly amazing and special kids that I have had the honour to work with and just some of their very special and proud moments.

Congratulations to you all and of course we can’t forget your wonderful parents, siblings and extended families that have been there for you holding your hand, supporting and guiding you along the way.








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