I have observed over time that children progress with gentle and sensitive approaches.

Generally, my work with each child and family can span a number of years. As such, I have seen many children achieve great things. It is with great joy that I have been able to witness children

  • becoming more settled and at ease within the world
  • develop their own personality and identity
  • becoming more confident to engage, relate, play and learn with, and from others
  • begin to enjoy and gain pleasure from being with others and interacting with them and
  • develop their understanding, awareness and skills of how to use their bodies more effectively and efficiently and in doing so be better able to share their ideas, their plans of play and feelings with others.

Success lies in a family’s commitment

In my experience, positive change and progress can occur and is largely due to the family’s commitment to the approach, their increased understanding of their child’s needs and their willingness to be actively involved in therapy sessions as well as their ability to take what they learn from therapy and build it seamlessly into their daily lives.

Families are also often seeing other therapists or complimentary clinicians, which generally blends in with, and is supportive of, the approaches used in Occupational Therapy.

Attending for therapy is not about the therapist being seen as ‘the expert’ and getting the child ‘fixed’; but instead about the family learning what’s required for their child and family 24/7, feeling empowered and confident to be available and able to offer the ‘just right’ support in any given moment of the child’s life to assist their emotional well-being and regulation, as well as developmental needs.











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